4 Conditions That Require a Referral to a Specialist

Aug 07, 2023
 4 Conditions That Require a Referral to a Specialist
Primary care practitioners can evaluate and treat various patients, but at times they may need to turn to a specialist. Take a moment to discover what conditions warrant a referral to a medical specialist.

Primary care doctors are the heart of the medical community, providing diagnostic tools, customized care, and personalized treatments for various medical conditions. Although primary care is all-encompassing, there are some situations that call for a more specialized approach.

When your primary care physician can't give your diagnosis the treatment and care you require, they refer you to a specialist.

Medical specialists focus on one specific aspect of your health, allowing them to provide you with cutting-edge treatments and the latest technology in that realm to help you feel better.

The team at Prudent Medical Providers in Federal Way and Tacoma, Washington, takes care of you no matter what illness or ailment pops up. Three experienced nurse practitioners make up our team, and they provide referral services when you need a specialist.

What are medical specialties?

Primary or family care doctors diagnose and treat problems all over the body. They also treat both children and adults and provide preventive care, lifestyle advice, and medications for various issues.

While primary care focuses on the whole body, other medical specialists train in specific body areas, such as the skin or eyes. Some of the main types of medical specialties include:

  • Neurology
  • Dermatology
  • Oncology
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Radiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology

An orthopedic specialist cares for the bones, tendons, and ligaments, for example. Oncology specialists care for cancer patients, and cardiologists offer care for the heart.

Understanding the referral process

Our team is here for just about every issue that pops up with your health, and if we can't give you the care and treatment you need, we refer you to a specialist. A specialist may have treatments and diagnostic tools that we need to be able to access.

We provide you with a list of specialists and allow you to choose one that's convenient and in-network for your insurance. We contact the specialist and provide them with the information they need to schedule you for an appointment.

During the referral process, we are in close contact with you and the specialist to ensure they have complete access to your medical records. We also follow your progress through the specialist's care to know what's going on with your health after their care has finished.

What conditions require a referral?

There are various conditions where we send you to a specialist, including these four:

1. Cancer

Leukemia and lymphoma are just two forms of cancer that affect the human body. If you have cancer, we refer you to an oncologist who can provide the specialized care you need.

An oncologist provides cutting-edge treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy to help you overcome a cancer diagnosis.

2. Orthopedic injuries

We can treat minor injuries such as sprains and small cuts, but we can't provide you with the special care needed for more involved orthopedic problems.

If you suffer an ACL tear, rotator cuff injury, or broken bone, we refer you to an orthopedic specialist for a quick diagnosis and customized care.

3. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life and requires close monitoring and extensive care. An obstetrician or OB/GYN is the specialist we send you to when you're expecting. They can keep an eye on your health and your unborn baby's.

4. Mental health problems

Depression, anxiety, and PTSD are all mental health conditions that benefit from a specialist's treatment. We offer referrals to psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists when you're living with a mental health problem.

If you have concerns about your health and need assistance with a referral, call Prudent Medical Providers today or schedule an appointment online.