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Joint Injections

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Joint pain can cause swelling, a loss of mobility, and stress in your day-to-day life. With comprehensive care at Prudent Medical Providers, you can manage pain in your neck and shoulders while avoiding surgery. The experienced team offers effective therapies, such as joint injections, to help with healing in Tacoma and Federal Way, Washington. Learn more about joint injections by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online today.

What are joint injections?

Joint pain can affect the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage around your joints. It can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term), depending on the cause. 

Some injuries happen very suddenly, often with severe joint pain that sets in right away. Other injuries that cause joint pain can develop over time because of the overuse of a particular muscle, tendon, or ligament. 

Joint injections can help reduce pain and tenderness. They often contain a local anesthetic that entirely numbs the pain for a short time. Or, they might have a powerful anti-inflammatory medication like cortisone that combats the inflammation. 

At Prudent Medical Providers, the team develops a personalized treatment plan to help you effectively relieve your joint pain. 

What are some common conditions for joint injections?

Prudent Medical Providers uses joint injections to treat a wide range of conditions. You should consider scheduling an appointment and treatment consultation if you experience persistent:

Shoulder pain

Pain in your shoulder originates in or around the cervical and thoracic spine, which are the sections of your spine that run through your neck and shoulders. If nerve impingement occurs in the neck, you can experience referred pain or other symptoms like numbness in your shoulders. 

Shoulder pain often develops from overuse or an acute injury that happens suddenly.

Knee pain 


Knee pain typically occurs when you have a condition like arthritis or bursitis. The inflammatory conditions develop from wear-and-tear, infections, or disease, resulting in swelling and a reduced range of motion. You can also get knee pain from a sports injury. 

Are joint injections painful?

The Prudent Medical Providers team uses needles for joint injections that are fine enough to cause minimal discomfort, like having a flu shot or local anesthetic injection. If you don’t like needles, your provider can put a numbing cream on your skin beforehand.

The injections take just seconds, and you should start to feel some pain relief very quickly. The results of your joint injections and how long they last vary depending on the substance used in your injection and how severe your pain is.

Some treatments offer a few hours of relief, while others last several months*. Many people find that joint injections deliver effective symptom relief.

To discover how joint injections can help ease your chronic pain, call the nearest Prudent Medical Providers office or book online. You can also walk in during normal business for prompt help. 

*Individual results may vary