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Labs services offered in Federal Way and Tacoma, WA

Having access to in-house labs offers a number of health benefits, which is why the team at Prudent Medical Providers in Tacoma and Federal Way, Washington, provides their lab tests in-office. Whether you need diagnostic lab testing or routine bloodwork as part of preventive health services, booking a visit takes just a few moments online or over the phone.  

What are in-house labs?

In-house labs use a sample of blood, urine, or other tissues to gain insight into how your body is currently functioning. These tests serve a number of uses within primary care. 

All health providers rely on lab testing during the diagnostic and treatment process, as well as within routine preventive health care. Many providers rely on an outside laboratory to process these tests and have to wait for the results to come in before they can move forward. 

In-house labs offer the team at Prudent Medical Providers the opportunity to get results back promptly, which enables a faster diagnosis and treatment, helping you feel better as quickly as possible.   

How do in-house labs guide the diagnostic process?

Lab testing allows your practitioner to detect signs of disease that might not otherwise be obvious. In some cases, the results confirm a provider’s diagnostic assessment. Testing might also reveal information that leads to more in-depth testing, like a biopsy. 

There are some diagnostic tests that take just moments to reveal results. Rapid strep testing is an example, and can help determine if you have strep throat during your office visit. 

COVID-19 testing is also available, and not only determines if you have an active infection but also empowers you to take steps to reduce the risk of transferring the infection to others. 

What role do in-house labs play in chronic disease management?

If you’re living with one or more types of chronic disease, lab testing is a powerful tool to guide your care. The results show how well your current treatment efforts are working to improve your health.

Your practitioner might use this information to alter your medications. You can also track how well your lifestyle modifications are working to boost your overall health and wellness. 

Routine in-house labs create a long-term record of your health, and become part of your personal medical record. Over time, testing makes it easy to identify changes in problematic health trends that increase your risk of developing chronic disease. 

To learn more about how in-house labs can factor into your health and wellness, call the office to schedule a visit, or book online in just a few clicks. You can also ask for more information during your next physical.