What is the Drug Testing Process Like?

Mar 15, 2023
What is the Drug Testing Process Like?
If you or someone you love suffers from drug addiction, testing is essential to your treatment plan. Take a moment to learn more about drug testing and how the process works to get you back on track.

Substance abuse disorder is an ever-growing scourge that takes the lives of millions of people worldwide. Getting help for a substance problem is complex, so drug testing is integral to your treatment plan.

At Prudent Medical Providers, our team is ready to help you take the next step and begin your recovery. Led by three board-certified nurse practitioners, the team values your health and wellness, providing a safe environment for you to complete drug rehabilitation.

When do you need drug testing?

When you think of drug testing, you might think of the type of test you take before starting a new job or after an injury. However, drug testing is much more than that. Our team uses drug testing for numerous reasons, including drug rehabilitation.

If you're suffering from a substance abuse disorder, you require drug testing before entering rehabilitation. The testing allows our team to discover what drugs are in your system to get you the personalized help you need to overcome addiction.

We use different forms of drug testing in our office to provide you or someone you love with the necessary tools to begin treatment. Some of the methods we use during a drug test include:


  • Blood testing
  • Urine drug screen
  • Saliva testing
  • Hair follicle evaluation

Each test allows our team to learn more about your addiction based on the substances found during the drug test. Knowing what specific drugs are in your system allows our team to focus treatment on your body's needs.

What to expect during your drug test

Before your drug test, you must tell the team about any prescription medications you're taking and what drugs you've been involved in. However, you don’t need to do anything else in preparation for your test.

The drug screening process is relatively simple, depending on the type of test you're undergoing. Our team provides several types of drug testing, including urine and blood tests.

For a urine test, you may need to urinate in a cup in front of a witness to ensure the sample is yours. You collect the sample in the restroom and hand it over to one of our team members for evaluation for drugs.

Our team also provides blood testing to ensure you get the proper treatment plan. Our team takes you to a treatment room when you come in for a blood drug test.

When you're comfortable, our team cleans off one of your arms for the blood draw. They insert a tiny needle into your arm connected to a tube that collects your blood. The test takes only a few seconds, and we apply a bandage to the site afterward.

You receive your drug test results within a day or two of your screening. Once the results are in, our team directs you to the next step in the recovery process.

What is the next step?

The first step in recovery is realizing you have a problem and submitting to a drug test. The next step is up to you. Once our team evaluates the drugs in your system, they provide you with the necessary tools and resources to seek the proper help.

Substance abuse disorder isn't something that goes away on its own. It takes a special commitment from you, your family, and your friends to stay clean and sober.

Rehabilitation is often the next step. You can begin a rehab program as an inpatient in a facility or go through the process at home with regular check-ins and drug screens. Drug testing is an integral part of the recovery process, allowing our team to evaluate the effectiveness of your recovery program.

The road to recovery isn't easy, and there are bound to be bumps along the way. However, with the right treatment plan and regular drug testing, you're more likely to succeed in overcoming substance abuse disorder.

To schedule your drug testing appointment, call Prudent Medical Providers at our convenient locations in Federal Way and Tacoma, Washington. You may also use the convenient online appointment scheduling feature or send the team a message here on our website.